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Fitness to Practise

What is Fitness to Practise?

Undertaking a ‘fitness to practise’ review is a highly demanding process that sees professionals formally reviewed to ensure that they are meeting their industry’s agreed standards. This involves the assessment of their range of relevant skills, sectoral knowledge, and that they possess the judgement and character required to hold a license and continue operating in their chosen field. This can also extend to an individual’s conduct outside of their role and often results in a significant ‘grey area’ that can be difficult to those under assessment to negotiate.

Reviews of this kind are most commonly applied to highly regulated public-facing fields such as medicine – with doctors, dentists, nurses, and midwives often coming into review. There are other equivalents in fields where professional licences are required such as throughout the educational sector or in certain industrial fields.

Facing a fitness to practise panel can be hugely intimidating for even the most prepared individual. As a failure to pass can see your licence revoked or being permanently barred from your profession, it is essential that you give yourself the best possible chance to put your case forward and demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism.

As part of an investigation, your long-term and immediate conduct will be reviewed in full. This will potentially include questions around-

  • Ethical violations.
  • Fraud and financial misconduct.
  • Practising beyond your professional scope.
  • Previous convictions and cautions.
  • Responding to allegations of dishonesty.
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Substance abuse.
  • And other relevant, equally serious avenues.

Given the gravity of some of these avenues, it is critical that you secure quality representation to guarantee the highest levels of support possible.

Once you are aware that your conduct is in question, it is essential to contact a professional lawyer immediately to ensure you’re able to give yourself full and accurate representation.

Our team will work with you to review the facts surrounding your case and help formulate the best possible argument in support of your practice. We have assisted many student and professional practitioners who find themselves in this situation, allowing them to put the best possible case forward and ensure that they are given the best protection and advice.

We will work closely with you to help provide an effective defence. And, if required, help in challenging any findings or work to reduce any sanctions placed upon you.

What next?

If you want to learn more about our capacity to help in a fitness to practise situation, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. This will allow us to understand more about your unique situation, help provide initial guidance, and begin formulating a plan to provide the best professional protection possible.

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We know from experience that the further and higher education sector can be difficult to negotiate when our clients encounter issues. There are few qualified sectoral practitioners in the market and even fewer that have experience of the nuance involved when defending an individual in the face of the united front that many academic institutions represent.

If you require legal assistance in the academic sector, you can get in touch with us directly for a free, no commitment brief consultation. We will work with you to help address your personal or professional needs – whatever your case – and that you get the best advice and support possible.

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