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Academic Failure

What is Academic Failure?

Not every university experience ends with a graduation ceremony. There are a variety of reasons why a student may not achieve the degree that they studied for – a failed exam; an accusation of plagiarism; or a missed module. These issues are usually couched under the unfortunate term of ‘academic failure’, but there is often more to it than that, and we are here to support those students who feel that their university has acted improperly or illegally in the process of terminating their academic place.

Academic failure is a legal term that can cover a range of issues including degree classification, problems with a PhD, academic appeals, or an untimely withdrawal from university. It is important to remember that any decision made by your university or college is always subject to challenge. Most institutions make the route towards academic appeal clear and simple, and the university is bound to follow the appeal procedure in a fair and legal manner. This will usually involve a written challenge, made directly by the student to the university. The university will then take some time to review the evidence and may seek out further information and input from the student, before coming to a final decision.

The appeal process will often end with a panel hearing, where you can make your case directly to the university. In some cases, the university will allow for the student to bring legal representation to any hearings. It can be extremely helpful for the student to have an expert in education law to help guide them through the hearing process or represent them.

When dealing with cases regarding academic failure, it is essential to get expert advice at the earliest possible point. In an ideal situation, legal help will be sought out at the very beginning of the process, with experienced lawyers stepping in to support you with the initial challenge. The benefit of this is that you will be able to submit a document which is legally sound and makes the strongest possible case for your readmission or review.

We have helped countless students to successfully challenge university decisions and reverse adverse decisions regarding exam results, attendance records, coursework issues, and other instances of academic failure.

What next?

If you want to know more about how we can help with your own legal queries surrounding academic failure,contact us today and let us know the details of your specific case. If we believe your university or college acted unjustly, we will advise on the best steps to take to challenge their judgement.

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We know from experience that the further and higher education sector can be difficult to negotiate when our clients encounter issues. There are few qualified sectoral practitioners in the market and even fewer that have experience of the nuance involved when defending an individual in the face of the united front that many academic institutions represent.

If you require legal assistance in the academic sector, you can get in touch with us directly for a free, no commitment brief consultation. We will work with you to help address your personal or professional needs – whatever your case – and that you get the best advice and support possible.

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